Fides Quaerens Intellectum
“Faith Seeking Understanding”

Evangelicals and Catholics Together

We need each other. We are allies in the culture war.

A good book review by J. I. Packer:
Here is the founding document of Evangelicals and Catholics Together

from the May 1994 issue of First Things:
The Gift of Salvation

Here is the follow-up statement from the same group covering the critical issue of salvation from the January 1998 issue of First Things:
Your Word is Truth

The issue of what our source of truth is in the area of religious belief (epistemology), from the August 2002 issue of First Things:
The Communion of Saints
by Richard John Neuhaus

By virtue of our (protestants and catholics) communion with Christ, we are in a certain, albeit imperfect, communion with one another in his body, the Church.

From the March 2003 issue of First Things:
The Call to Holiness

The mark of a real Christian has to be a striving and some progress for a holy life.

From the March 2005 issue of First Things:
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