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Jusicial Activism - Supreme Court

The Failure of the Rehnquist Court
by Richard E. Morgan

"But even now the depth of our constitutional crisis is not fully understood. Gay marriage is a public policy choice of major consequence, which the judges (or at least the more adventurous judges) are determined to preempt and arrogate to themselves. This is serious, but the nature of the arguments on which the courts are now proceeding, the propositions now being advanced as what 'the law' is, have truly deadly implications for the future of constitutional government in America."

From the Spring 2006 issue of the Claremont Review of Books:
Bowing to Precedent
by Robert F. Nagel

"This displacement of political decision-making has had deeply harmful consequences for our society. It has led Americans to lose political self-confidence and to depend pathetically on the judiciary to resolve the most pressing public issues. At the same time, since judicial resolutions tend to be couched in the language of high principle, the Court's role has reduced the opportunity for political compromise and thus has inflamed passions and distrust."

From the 4/17/06 issue of The Weekly Standard:
The Enemies of Religious Liberty
by James Hitchcock

From the February 2004 issue of First Things:
Here are some must-read articles from the Summer 2004 issue of Claremont Review of Books:

The Road Not Taken
by Michael M. Uhlmann

Still Separate But Equal
by Edward J. Erler

Coecion by Consent
by Matthew J. Franck

Grasping at Straws
by Richard E. Morgan

Here are three more important articles from the June 2004 issue of First Things:

Conciliating Hatred
by Steven D. Smith

Religion Uniquely Disfavored
by Robert T. Miller

Freedom and Decency
by D. B. Hart
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